Nursery Teams

The nursery staff are in the process of setting up a Nursery Teams to support you with home learning during the lockdown period. Activities will be added each week. If you have tried any activity that has worked well, we would appreciate it if you could share with the rest of the nursery group so other families can try it out. Teams will also be a way for you to communicate with the nursery staff who will answer any queries you might have. Let us know if you have any problems signing on to Teams and we will do our best to help you.

When you log onto the nursery Teams page you will find a variety of channels on the left hand-side of the page, e.g. story-time. If you click on these channels you will find suggestions for activities, recorded videos from staff, links to appropriate sites and a chat page where you can contact a member of the nursery staff with any questions. Please remember that the whole nursery group can see what you write on Teams so if you would like a private word with a member of staff either ask them on the chat to contact you or send an email to .

Some things to remember about early learning:

  • Nursery children learn best through play and having opportunities to talk about their play. The best way to support your nursery child is through playing with them, listening to them and talking with them. Children love to use their imaginations and make up stories, games, make dens and imaginary props. Sometimes the best toys are household objects and junk material such as boxes. So, enjoy, have fun and engross yourselves in the imaginary world of your child.
  • Involving children with household activities such as, cooking and cleaning can be fun and educational for children if done in a playful way.
  • Early Learning takes place at any time. E.g. Sorting socks into pairs can involve fine motor skills, attention to the detail of pattern, counting – how many socks and how many pairs, helping with baking and measuring out and weighing ingredients helps their maths skills, reading a story and asking them to re-tell the story or act it out, helps with their literacy skills. There’re many learning opportunities within the house.
  • Allow them to be involved in making choices although it may be a good idea for you to decide what they can choose from to ensure the activities are manageable.
  • If weather permits, time spent playing outside exploring the weather. Its
  • Children learn best when relaxed and happy, if something you have planned to do is no longer fun, try something else.


Although we have provided suggested activities there is no expectation that you must complete all the activities. You know your child best and may well have your own ideas on how to support them with their play.

Leith Walk Primary School
He’s back – Playing and Learning with Edinburgh Bear. Starting Monday 18 January 2021, Edinburgh Bear will share home learning resources with you on:

There will be things to do indoors and outdoors. Read more by clicking on the link below: